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"What you are as a person is far more important that what you are as a player."

- John Wooden

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head football coach

ben davis high school

It is with the upmost respect that I pen this cover letter for the head football coaching position at Ben Davis High School.  This is not a decision I made lightly and I want to assure you, I exemplify the qualities necessary to build a rich tradition of Ben Davis football. 


As the head coach, I would have the vision and discipline to build a rich tradition of Ben Davis Football.  In my opinion, the head coach must continue to ensure this prestigious athletic institution produces the highest quality of students, football players, and people. My vision for Ben Davis Football will incorporate past legends, present student-athletes, and future Giants. The impact of Ben Davis Football will be felt on Friday nights, as well as seen throughout the community. This community deserves someone who works tirelessly to build a football program and school, while providing an abundance of opportunities for student-athletes and their families. With my vision, the football prowess that surrounds Ben Davis will continue thriving both on and off the field.


We will create a model that ensures tradition never graduates. This will involve developing student-athletes at every milestone. From the first time they put on a helmet in our youth program, to the first time they step on the field wearing our Giants helmet, and continuing each time they take off the Giants helmet to receive their State Championship Medal. It takes a coach with years of experience on the field and in the classroom to fully understand and successfully execute this vision.


I have worked for numerous Hall of Fame head coaches and with multiple MIC programs. From the first time I coached at North Central, I knew the football in the Indianapolis area was special. After winning a State Championship in 2012 with Lawrence Central, I was ready to become a head coach. However, I understood that opportunity would only be with a smaller program and I did not want to compromise the impact a football coach can have with young men in the MIC conference.  When I experienced my first season with Warren Central Football in 2013 and another State Championship, I understood it was neither the competitive conference, nor a state championship but rather the amount of young men I could impact.  I decided then I would only coach 6A football. I have gathered the tools needed to become a successful head coach and have patiently waited for the right opportunity with the right school to build a powerful football program. 


From Chris Geesman, to Bill Sharpe, to Jim Belden, Herman Boone, Pete Carroll, Nick Saban, Mike Tomlin, Bobby Bowden, and to all coaching greats, a school deserves to have a football program with sustained championship success. For all the reasons that I have stated,

I am humbled to apply for the head coaching position at Ben Davis High School. 

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