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State Championship Detail 

"Analytics" is a term thrown around a lot in football today. Over the past few seasons, we have generated our own program, using our own formulas that are tailored to the high school game. We will use analytics to objectively quantify the strengths and weaknesses of our opponents and ourselves. 

We will also use analytics to drill into the statistics and play data for each game we play and scout to figure out how each team, including our own, is winning and losing ball games. Tracking this will help us identify how we can gain statistical advantages over our opponents to win more football games.


We will use analytics in all parts of our football program:
Offense, Defense, and Special Teams

We will also use various different elements of play (practice, scrimmages, and games) to evaluate our own strengths and weaknesses. We will attempt to find our offensive and defensive identities sooner as we evaluate practice and scrimmages.

In game, we will use analytics to find trends in both ourselves and our opponents to give us any possible advantage. After the game, we will use analytics to evaluate ourselves and our opponents to maximize the most important elements of the game that contribute to winning games.

We will also look to keep track of analytical data on each of our opponents as the season progresses. This will give us a big picture view of how we compare to teams on our schedule and in our tournament class.

Sustained State Championship Success

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